Everything you always wanted to know about Outtakes

Outtakes is one of the leading makers of health & safety films in the UK. Formed in 1994 we started by producing generic films that focused on the emerging field of behavioural safety either through ‘real’ people stories (Ken Woodward’s series of films made in the 1990’s and early 2000’s are Outtakes’ productions) or by shooting topic-based pieces in genuine workplaces.

Things have changed – we spend most of our time making films for individual clients. We have a dedicated in-house crew who travel up and down the country to produce a huge range of films for industrial and commercial clients.

We work very closely with safety speaker Jason Anker – we made his original film Jason Anker: A Fall from Height, and last year we released the follow up Proud 2b Safe on a free to stream basis. We often film Jason as he gives his talk to record the session for his clients to use on an on going basis.

2014 saw the release of another free to stream film about workplace stress, which can be seen here

Autumn 2014 we released a remake of the classic GMP film for the pharmaceutical industry You’ll Soon Feel Better.

We continue to develop our patented interactive film technology - it is now recordable, scorm and TinCan compliant and amazing. We are aiming to bring eLearning out of the ‘click and move on’ doldrums and make it as absorbing and engaging as computer gaming.

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