Blind Man's Bluff Interactive - GMP 1 (varies)

Changing Room - hazard-spotting in a GMP environment

This scene is set in a changing room and focusses on the importance of personal (and product) protective equipment to prevent contamination. 

A series of short interactive scenes designed to train the essential skill of hazard-spotting. Filmed in a wide variety of real workplace environments. 

After watching a short piece of film, trainees discuss and point to potential hazards or bad practice. Once hazards are clicked a possible solution is played prompting further discussion. 

This unique training product can be used for everyone from shop floor worker to senior management, in tool-box talks and in-depth sessions for minimal outlay. It engages trainees in sessions and puts the onus on them to move the session forward. 

Each scene is provided on single DVD for maximum flexibility - you chose as many or as few as you need - and comes with free tutor and trainee guide. 

Outtakes DVD's are set to Region 2 (PAL).
If you require your DVD set to a different region please contact us.

This film is available in:
Blind Man's Bluff Interactive - GMP 1
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