Blind Man's Bluff interactive - Safe Maintenance

Maintenance related accidents account for 25-30% of UK manufacturing’s fatalities so it’s a key area to get under control.

Use Outtakes interactive hazard-spotting scene to raise your employees' awareness of the dangers associated with maintenance work.

Filmed in real workplace environments the Blind Man's Bluff interactive scenes allow your employees to practice safety, safely. 

After watching a short piece of film, trainees discuss and point to potential hazards or bad practice. Once hazards are clicked a possible solution is played prompting further discussion. 

Teach the essential skill of hazard-spotting

Demonstrate the importance of good observation skills

Discuss how you control risk in your workplace

This scene is designed to create discussion around work at height, manual handling, use of electrical equipment, permits to work and risk assessment. 

Outtakes DVD's are set to Region 2 (PAL).
If you require your DVD set to a different region please contact us.

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Blind Man's Bluff interactive - Safe Maintenance
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