Accidents Are Not Random (10')

This 10-minute behavioural safety film is for anyone who drives to work or for work. Using more than 250 filmed images of how drivers really behave behind the wheel, Accidents Are Not Random highlights the dangers created by bad habits and complacency.

"When we started our project to reduce road related accidents, we decided to use the 'Accidents are not Random' video, ... because unlike most H&S videos it’s not put together as a simulated story, but it’s a real life collection of events that drivers see every day on the roads,... if the accident rates that are related to our roads were in an industry sector I can’t imagine what the reaction would be!

We show it at the start of every meeting and the feedback we get from the attendees is that it makes them think about changing habits... it certainly justifies our decision to use it.

So thanks to everyone involved you’ve played a significant part in helping us reduce our road related accidents"

 Dave Doherty

Group Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

ALcontrol Laboratories

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Accidents Are Not Random
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