Hearing: The Science Bit (14')

Hearing: The Science Bit is designed to alert people to the insidious nature of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in a way that is instructive and entertaining.

The film combines an interview with one of the country’s top experts on NIHL, Angela King of RNID, with a series of light-hearted experiments on a panel of people from different working backgrounds, to demonstrate the problems caused by excess noise in the workplace. The DVD has tests to engage your trainees.

The Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre use both of Outtakes hearing safety films, Hearing: The Science Bit and Sound Advice on their noise training courses.

"The two DVDs have proven to be a great success on our noise training courses. The style of presentation is different  and very refreshing.  The group exercises in Hearing: The Science Bit are amusing and yet provide a serious message on the need to protect one's hearing when working in high noise levels. I heartily recommend these DVDs for everyone with an interest in noise in industry and in the music and entertainment business." David James.

For more information regarding the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre's Noise Training Courses please follow this link.

"EEF (The Manufacturers' Organisation) will be using Musculoskeletal Disorders: Work and Sport and Hearing: The Science Biton the new NEBOSH Management of Health and Wellbeing at Work course. We feel the modern and novel way the film presents this common safety issues is refreshing and fits ideally within the framework of the new course. For details please visit www.eef.org.uk."

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Hearing: The Science Bit
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