Sound Advice (25')

No-one starting out in the music business thinks about the effects of noise on their hearing.

Sound Advice is a complete package about noise-induced hearing loss for anyone involved in the music and entertainment industries.

Along with a core film featuring interviews with musicians, including Wurzel from Motorhead, Paul Gray (The Damned and Eddie and the Hotrods), and members of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., as well as technicians and backline from John Henry’s there are a host of bonus features to cover every training need. 

A full interview with David Baguley, top Audiologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, explains the medical side. Andrew Thompson of the HSE outlines the legal frameworks. Teachers and students discuss the importance they attach to hearing protection. Dave Marshall from Ultimate Ear tells us about his specialist products (discounts available to purchasers of the DVD). There are tinnitus sounds and frequency dips to listen to. Concert footage from unsigned band Syd Arthur, plus the full story of how rock ‘n’ roll led to acute hearing loss for Wurzel and Paul Gray.

The Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre use both of Outtakes hearing safety films, Sound Advice and Hearing: The Science Bit, on their noise training courses. 

"The two DVDs have proven to be a great success on our noise training courses. The style of presentation is different  and very refreshing. In particular, the extra material on the Sound Advice DVD provides invaluable advice for those people involved in the entertainment sector and is a feature of our Noise Competency training courses for the music, entertainment and broadcasting industry. I heartily recommend these DVDs for everyone with an interest in noise in industry and in the music and entertainment business. David James. Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre Ltd. 

For more information regarding the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre's Noise Training Courses please follow this link.

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