6. ASI - Accident Scene Investigation (varies)

A complete accident investigation training session on one DVD

ASI Accident Scene Investigation - provides you with a complete accident investigation training session on one DVD.

Outtakes took a real accident and fictionalised all the events surrounding it, so your trainees can watch the catalogue of errors that occurred in the minutes, hours, days and weeks before the accident. As in a real investigation what you discover is entirely reliant on what you choose to explore. By deciding who and what might be significant and then clicking on the screen to investigate, trainees use their initiative to establish the immediate and underlying causes of the accident.

Please find support documents below, including a document compiled from existing users feedback, which highlights the range of ways ASI can be used in your training sessions. 

The ASI product has been a fundamental part of our Incident investigation training course and is excellent at allowing attendees to test the skills they have learnt within the course. The feedback we have received has been extremely positive as the tool allows for a realistic approach to investigating incidents and you need to dig to find all the answers in order to collate the evidence and form an opinion. Another fantastic tool from OutTakes the latest in a long line of great products.  

Tim Proctor, Director Health Safety and Environment - ISS

Outtakes DVD's are set to Region 2 (PAL).
If you require your DVD set to a different region please contact us.

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6. ASI - Accident Scene Investigation
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